Friday, January 25, 2008

Lesson Learned: Don't Get Too Comfortable

25 Weeks, 3 Days

Just when you think everything is going great. Just when you think you might actually make it to the dream come true. Just when you think you can enjoy every moment. Just when you think you are feeling pretty darn get a reminder that there is still so much that can go wrong. So many hurdles to leap, so many bridges of fire to cross, and a little voice in my head repeating, "Don't get too comfortable."

Thursday night was an uncomfortable night. The feeling that your belly might explode with every breath isn't great. And, sweet baby girl was not active as she normally is. No movement Friday morning, which is not at all the way our mornings usually go. My belly was cramping and I just didn't feel good. So, at 9:30am I decide to drink a Coke in hopes of jolting her awake, as I never have them. One hour passes and no movement. I'm slowly becoming more sick to my stomach and finally break down.

So, I did what I have never done in 9 years of teaching. I got the first person that walked into my room to cover the class, left the room, never told the kids "goodbye", never looked twice to see what confidential papers were on my desk, never lifted a finger to get something together for a sub, and never stopped by the office on my way out.

Dr. S. got us in quickly and, of course, everything checked out fine.

However, for once, I was validated and received an explanation. Baby Girl and her "long legs" decided to do a ginormous fruit basket turn-over move and wore herself out / beat up my insides. And...a possible bladder infection to boot.

And while things are a little better today and she is moving as much as she can being in such a bad position, I've been knocked back down a few notches. Reminded again not to get too comfortable. Reminded that there is still a long way to go. Reminded not to take one single second of this pregnancy for granted. How easy it is to forget sometimes.

Lesson learned.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What A Difference One Baby Makes

24 Weeks Today!

When you're a borderline midget and carrying two of your 6ft. husband's babies, life is no walk in the park. One baby, with long legs (thank you, Lord!), is a little more feasible. I feel good and think I'm almost at the I "love" being pregnant stage. I still hurt, still get nauseated, still have cramping and back pain, and still have heartburn 24/7, but this is 50 times easier than carrying twins.

We've made it to viability and I am positively pumped.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

23 Weeks, 1 Day

The day Kinsey and Ryan were born.

The night we came home from the hospital we heard this song, and while we know it is highly over-played, it will always hold significance with us.

We are 3 days past that date with this pregnancy, but never past that date in our hearts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shhh...There's A Crib In My Garage

It was on clearance and their only floor model, so we had to take it off their hands within 7 days. It's white and folds down so my shortness can take her out easily. I'm a little bit freaked and a lot excited.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Not This Time, Kid

22 weeks, 5 days and all is well. The sonographer was a little concerned about increased amniotic fluid, but my blood sugar level was normal and the sonogram showed no GI obstruction, so Dr. B. isn't concerned. Sweet baby girl is measuring ahead of schedule by 5 days and my cervix looks peachy. However, she has decided that my cervix is a trampoline made for stomping. Let it be known loud and clear:

She can stomp all she wants, but coming out early really isn't an option.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No Longer

There will be many more New Year's Eve nights. There will be many more First Night Austin celebrations. But, someday soon it will no longer be the two of us. We will take her, bundled up and cozy in her hat with the puffy frays on top, wrapped safely in her daddy's arms.

We will find the best spot possible on the curb and wait for the parade. She will want to run out into the street with all the other kids to catch a glimpse of the start to the parade. She will say over and over, "Mamma, when is it gonna start?"

The parade will begin and she will squeal with delight, clapping her hands together and saying, "Mamma, did you see that one?" with each passing group. She'll want to eat kettle corn, funnel cakes, and drink hot chocolate. She'll want to buy the glow sticks and wave them around with vigor. The fireworks will start and she will say, "That one's my favorite," to every firework exploding in the sky.

I will relish in her happiness, her smile and her giggles. She will become cranky and I will try my best to distract her, talk to her, engage her until the time comes when we must leave. She will fall asleep in the car, sacked out until her daddy places her softly in her bed. She will hug his neck and whisper, "Thank you, daddy. That was fun."

There will be many more New Year's Eve nights. But soon, no longer will we spend them as a family of two.