Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Black?

My blog will be black until I am holding a sweet baby in my arms. Then, and only then, will I change to a brighter color. And frankly, I like black. Gray has been my favorite color from the time I was a little girl. Dad couldn't imagine a little girl wearing gray cowboy boots because girls were supposed to wear pink...not this girl. So, call me drab, dark and dreary. I think I deserve the color black.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dog vs. Oven Fan

Does your dog tremble at the sound of the oven fan? Mine does, and it is all because I'm lazy and don't clean out the oven. With each use of the oven there is a nice blare of the smoke detector to go with it. Especially when making Polenta because that stuff is baked at 500 degrees! So, I wait...Peanut trembles...as we anticipate the horn.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Letter to Dr. Jerk

Dear Dr. Jerk,

Thanks for killing my babies. Thanks for not listening to my cries for help and pleas to come in sooner than the standard "every 4 weeks." Thanks for not noticing the signs of increased fluid and a shortened cervix. Thanks for not putting me on full-time bedrest. Thanks for all the advice to be "up and doing" because after all, you are "Austin's Twin Specialist." Thanks for not even remembering I was pregnant with twins when you walked into the exam room when I was 20 weeks along. Thanks for killing my babies, you Jerk.