Sunday, April 1, 2007

No April Fool's

This time, I'm serious. After stalking other blogs at least once a day, I have decided to keep up this one. I might even tell some people and give out the address. I mean, let's be crazy!

For my first "new" post, I have decided to start monthly resolutions. Nobody keeps the yearly ones, so we'll see just how much I can fail at monthly ones!

April Resolutions

1. I will walk Peanut at least once a day. Rainy days don't's April, people.
2. I will begin Body Flow, Body Pump, biking or swimming again at least twice a week.
3. I will strengthen my legs in order to begin running again.
4. I will practice debt control.
5. I will take at least one picture a day of things I am thankful for, or things that are just down right cool.
6. I will blog at least once every 2 days.
7. I will cook supper at least 5 nights a week. Well, let's say on nights when hubby is home.
8. I will read every evening before bed.
9. I will limit computer time to 15 minutes per evening. Oh, let's be serious...45 minutes.
10. I will quit vowing to slap the next woman that walks by me that is pregnant.

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