Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Uh...What Just Happened?

This whole "Back to School" thing is really cramping my style. My body is in a perpetual state of shock and I'm sick of hitting the sack at 11:30pm or later, only to wake up all bright eyed, bushy tailed, and rather ticked at 3am. For some odd reason, I feel the need to write down these random thoughts that plague my mind at 3am. In pitch darkness, I write profound things like, "fish" and "straw" on a notepad. Now, the "fish" part is understandable because I really will forget to take the fish out of the freezer unless I write it down. However, the "straw" part is just silly as I am convinced...did I mention at 3am?...that I need a straw for my morning smoothie to decrease the risk of blueberry and strawberry seeds embarassingly lodging themselves between my teeth. Really? Who does that? Alas, time marches on, my imprisonment school officially begins Monday, and things will begin to "settle" down. Until then, I will continue to tend to my wounds and battle scars each night (read: paper cuts) and just hope for the best.

Oh, and to the lady that found this site by searching "must get pregnant or go insane", I say...amen.


Sunny said...

Ugh school sucks that way! It makes you crazy in the middle of the night! I start back for work days on Monday. Not looking forward to it. In fact I might go in early and slowly work my way back to 'normal'.

I hope you have a wonderful first day of school on Monday!

Kim said...

I did that before my friend's wedding. The night before I kept having random thoughts pop in my mind, so I just kept a tablet and pen by my bed. I found it the other day. It was very random. "Call Amy Baby Wipes," one of the sentences said.

Monica said...

Are they planning to honor/remember those three teachers at the beginning of the year?

Yes, work is really kicking my butt too! I don't know how I'll deal when the kiddos come back.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather, but glad to know he's got family waiting for him.