Monday, December 31, 2007

Hurl Caution To The Wind, Fire, Pits of Hell

And while we're at it, let's register for baby items. Not just one registry...but two. Really? Who does that at all of 21 weeks, 5 days gestation with as much bad luck as we have encountered? Apparently me, and it started yesterday.

After a day of looking at furniture, discussing the details of the nursery, and buying primer, I decided to just "begin" a registry. I added 4-5 items and then went to sleep. If you know me well, you know my issues with registries, showers in general, etc. Well, I've changed.

My Babe left at 5:00am this morning for a "short" 9 mile run, because he is quite frankly, Superman. I tossed, turned, thought about the registry, and turned on the bedroom light at 5:32am. Downhill from there, friends. Hours later, I now have 2 registries. And, guess what, they aren't complete.

And I can't stop thinking about the baby's room. Most likely, the room will center around the traits of life found in the book, The Twelve Gifts of Birth, by Charlene Costanzo. The book uses pastel colors, but the room is going to be bright pink(!), bright green, and red. The focus will be the traits displayed around the room and in the built-in shelves My Babe is going to concoct.

My mind is frantic. Like there's an urgency, a fire, an emergency that must be mitigated right NOW. I can't wait to carry her around the room and tell her the meaning of each trait. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and, hell, maybe even sing to her. I just can't wait.

Caution has left this house.


Cas said...

You need to let us (Erin and me and anyone else we can recruit) have a painting party for you! You can boss us around and let us do the work.

Monica H said...

I can't wait either!

And I big puffy heart the idea of this room. I have never heard of this book before, but I am very intrigued by it and I want to buy it now.

I am so excited to see the nursery and how it turns out. I bet it will be beautiful- I want pics!

BTW, where did you register?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a beautiful idea for the nursery...I can just see you taking her around the nursery teaching her and singing to her.


Birdies Mama said...


Have you ever considered co-sleeping? We were planning on it with Birdie, and will most definitely with our someday baby. I just have to throw this out there...because I can for see you not wanting to be away from baby at all when baby comes!

There are some really lovely co-sleepers out there.

Also, beware of the toxic fumes in paints! There not good for you or baby to be breathing in.

Lori said...

I can remember sitting in Pumpkin's future room and closing my eyes and concentrating as hard as I could to imagine her there. I think there was a part of me that hoped I could will her into existence. I also had never been able to imagine our twins in our lives which unsettled me both before their births, and even more so after. It brought me comfort to be able to conjure up such a clear picture of our baby girl to come. It helped me to maintain hope and faith that she was really coming.

I am picturing you and your beautiful baby girl in her glorious nursery right now.

P.S. I love that book and love your idea for her nursery. Pumpkin's walls are a happy, bright green. Just walking in her room lifts my spirits.

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