Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Attention: Rich Folk

Anyone have...oh...uh...$17,000.00 to spare? That's the amount of IVF and PDG (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) which is what the Dr. is recommending next. My Babe knows more than I do about it all, but we are going to set up a consultation to see what the heck fire we should do. I've previously refused to let myself learn much about IVF because, frankly, we cannot afford it. Now that we are staring it in the face, I guess I must learn. The baby's genetic testing came back with results showing Turner Syndrome, a genetic disorder that occurs only in females. So... goodbye to another baby girl, which makes me sad. I am certainly not opposed to IVF, but not too sure I am ready to take that step because...well, must I remind you...it's $17,000! Still waiting on My Babe's test results.


EKS said...

Oh, how I wish that I had 17,000 dollars to give you! I was about to go to bed and was wondering what you had written about today. Keep writing! Thoughts and prayers with you always and forever!

AJW5403 said...

I just found your blog from the message you left. First let me say I am so sorry for your loses.

If you don't mind me asking I was wondering why you are looking into PGD. I looked into PGD because my DH has a screwed up Chromosome. And Like you I could not afford it.

Again I am so sorry and wish you peace.