Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's A Boy!

That's what they say to my parents during the amniocentesis while my mother was pregnant with me. Extreme measures were taken when I was born a girl...pulling my diaper down in the nursery to show family members who didn't believe the news. Doctors were worried and genetic testing was performed - everything checking out normal. I've often wondered if this is the answer to all my troubles. Does this explain my violent rages that occur 1.3 seconds after something happens that angers me? Does this explain my neurotic and extremely weird brain that needs to be on medication constantly? Is this why I have PCOS which causes higher levels of male hormones than female? Does this explain my detest for dresses, Barbies and My Little Pony when I was younger? Could this be the reason for my love of G.I. Joe, playing army, the FBI, Hot Wheels, Tonka trucks and now Tahoes? And for my wish to birth all boys until a couple of years ago? My love of gray and detest for pink until age 23?

The short answer My chromosome analysis came back yesterday - normal female. Ha, if they only knew.

Still waiting on results for hubby and baby...

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