Saturday, April 28, 2007

May Resolutions

1. I will quit sticking my foot in my mouth. I really have good intentions, but it seems the minute I step foot out of bed something strange happens to my mouth.
2. I will strengthen my legs so I can start running again. Yes, this one didn't happen in April.
3. I will take my prenatal vitamin daily like a good girl.
4. I will set a timer at the computer and then GET UP when it goes off. Seriously...I've got to get a handle on this nightly internet thing.
5. I will wake up at 6:00am. I am officially putting the alarm clock in the bathroom to force me out of bed.
6. I will eat a healthy breakfast.

Wanna place bets on #5? We all know the "Morning Melissa." I am directly setting myself up for failure.


Anonymous said...

You're so refined and articulate...I can't imagine you putting your foot in your mouth, but that's prob because I'm too busy putting my foot in my mouth!


Nicole said...

I am an expert on foot in mouth disease, although I still haven't found a cure other than sewing up my mouth. Good luck on the 6 am thing.

natalie said...

I bet you one cookie that you will get up earlier than me for the next three weeks. I need to seriously follow your example and put my alarm clock across the room. I seem to be getting to work later and later. That can't be a good pattern. :)


Anns said...

I'll join you on number 2 if you'd like... I need a "run" partner to keep me, I need a new hobby now that I'm clearly not becoming a mother!

Anns xo