Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Aching Heart That Cannot Be Fixed

Let's face it - I don't get close to people. I still talk often to the same friends I have known since elementary, middle, and high school. I have no friends from college. Not one. I have friends from work, but we don't actively do things together.

And then there is my team...adopted team members included.

My team that celebrates the good, and cries along with me during the bad...every single day. My team that lets me rant, rave, act like a brat, and still loves me like family. So, how does one patch a hole the size of the universe when a team member (and possibly two) leaves? I can't stop crying. Another town is close, yet so much farther than I imagined. Especially when it is someone that is so deeply seeded in my heart. It won't go away. She is packing and moving as I type. I said my goodbyes today, but I already want to see her again. My heart aches and it cannot be fixed.

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Nicole said...

Oh, I am so very sorry that you are losing a member of your team. I am the same way, it takes me a long time to form a good friendship and frequently as soon as I do the person leaves. Heartbreaking.