Friday, June 1, 2007

June Resolutions

1. I will finish all of my audio books.
2. I will pack away all baby items. (Really, we have a lot.)
3. I will take a swimming class.
4. I will strengthen my legs for running. Ha! Seriously this time.
5. I will really, really work on my moods.
6. I will really, really work on my temper.
7. I will be a better friend.
8. I will be a better listener.
9. I will be slow to react.
10. I will say "no" when needed.
11. I will be easier on myself.


Sunny said...

I love #11.

Anonymous said...

Are you strengthening your legs with weights. I've always wanted to be able to run, but my knees can't see to handle it after awhile. I wonder if it's because my legs aren't strong enough....
Good resolutions!

Anns said...

love 'em, love 'em all.
good luck - be good to yourself.

Anns xo