Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Big Fat Negative

Bummer. I'm mainly sad that I am not able to get as much of the "morning" sickness out of the way during the summer. However, I have been so lucky in the past with getting pregnant easily. It will happen next time and that will be the time that it sticks for good. Oh well, at least I can eat a pound of lunch meat without the threat of Listeria, go white water rafting, and swing out over the Royal Gorge on our vacation next week if I feel like it.


Andria and Co. said...

Arghh... !!! Next month... it will happen then.

Lori said...

I remember pointing out to myself all of the things I could still do for "one more month." It always helped a little, but being pregnant would have been better.

Next month will be the ticket!!

missing_one said...

I'm crossing my fingers for next month for you!
Besides you don't want to be sick ALL summer vacation right?
Here's hopin'!

niobe said...

BFN = Boo!!
Next Month = Yay!!!

Sunny said...

I am sorry. I totally know what you mean about the morning sickness in the summer. It would be a nice thing.

cb said...

It embarrasses me a bit to have to admit this, but years ago, when someone would tell me they were praying for me, my reaction was a rather uncomfortable, um...yeah...thanks. That was before I learned the power of prayer and the way God makes miracles happen. Now when someone says that to me, I consider it the most precious thing they can offer...their prayers...for me. I remember when my daughter, who dreamed of being a professional dancer, found out she had scoliosis, I couldn’t believe what a cruel joke it seemed to be. Then, I realized that I couldn’t pray for God to be in charge of our lives and then turn around and question the path my life was taking. I learned I had to have faith, I had to keep praying, and I had to see the small blessings that were surrounding me. And, look at her now! : )

I know this is disappointing news to you, especially after so many other disappointments; but, you have so many people who love you, and are praying earnestly for all of your dreams of motherhood to come true. For now, let go and let God...and while you wait, enjoy the now.

God is great and God is good. Matthew 7:7.