Sunday, July 1, 2007

July Resolutions

1. I will focus on cooking again.
2. I will continue swimming.
3. I will help mom with her house and the maintenance it needs.
4. I will clean out the kitchen cabinets.
5. I will no longer accept debt as a way of life.
6. I will stare opportunity straight in the face and refuse, no matter how much I try, refuse to close the door.
7. I will have courage to defeat my fears.
8. I will not let others fears, misunderstandings, and attitudes guide my thinking.


dale mitchell said...

wow they sound great...
I may need to follow your lead this month...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! These are good. I really like the last one, #8. It would be so freeing to me to follow that one.

You go, girl!

Collin said...

I love your #8. You said it best....but it is still the hardest for me to do.
Thank you for your #8, and thank you for the person that you are.

niobe said...

What a fantastic list of resolutions. I'm rooting for you to keep each and every one of them.

LL said...

Miss you... love reading your blog. I wish you peace. I wish you peace. I wish you peace that flows like a river. God loves you. Look at this video, and keep your head up.