Friday, September 7, 2007

Hey Fool (self): It's No Longer Allergies When...

1. The sight, sound, taste, feeling of water makes my skin crawl.
2. I have on a sweatshirt, long pajama pants, and the A/C up to 80 degrees in August.
3. Chills.
4. Sweat.
5. A throat so sore I am trying not to swallow and when I do, I wince.
6. Hot.
7. Cold.
8. Fever of 102 degrees.
9. Aches.
10. Pains.
11. Stiff neck.
12. Gatorade sounds good.
13. The couch becomes the infirmary.
14. Anything touching my skin hurts.
15. I'm actually okay with watching all 2 hours of "VH1's Top 40 Greatest Pranks."


Sunny said...

I am so sorry. It isn't a good time to be sick. HUGS!

niobe said...

Have you seen or spoken with a doctor? Hope you feel better soon.

Natalie said...

Don't feel bad everyone says it's "only allergies" - especially my husband!!I hope you feel better soon!
love you

Kim said...

I am afraid I might have caught your bug. I don't know about the fever, anyway, but boy oh BOY, do I have the sore throat. And now the crud in my sinuses so that I am constantly clearing my throat.

It's really a beautiful time...

missing_one said...

Ah the joys of being a teacher of germ media.

Hope you feel better soon.

FYI I drink Emergen-C like mad year round and it seems to help prevent
(actually both my son and hubby have been sick the past two weeks and I never got it)

The Nanny said...

hope you feel better soon!

BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

Hope you are better now! Let us know how you are feeling!

missing_one said...

How are things? Is everything going ok?