Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Kindergarten Hell Holes

No, not the classrooms as you might think...but the bathrooms.

Have you ever smelled toilets that 40 five year old girls and 40 five year old boys use? It ain't pretty, friends. And, it isn't making for an easy time when I must visit this place frequently throughout the day. It's not even the unflushed poop that I see on a daily basis, or the lovely findings on the toilet seat. It's the smell of urine. I must say that my girls need to drink some serious water to dilute their pee because it smells BAD. I hold my breath as I am walking through the hallway that connects my classroom to D's room, right past the nasty little pots. Going into the bathroom is worse, of course. I keep my nose covered with my shirt, but then sometimes my own body smell (on non-pregnant days when I have energy to care, I smell like flowers) starts getting to me and I have to uncover quickly. I just can't win, as going down the hallway and around the corner really isn't an option as frequently as I must go. Lots can happen in a unsupervised and even semi-supervised kindergarten classroom in 2 minutes. Heck, lots can happen in a completely supervised kindergarten classroom in 2 minutes. Lots, I tell you.

Alas, only 2 more days of the Kindergarten Hell Hole for this week.


Rachel said...

I hope that your strong pregnancy nose allows you to go to the bathroom in peace soon.

Only another day to make it through until the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I know. Pregnancy nose is so strong, you wonder how you ever bore the odors of the world before pregnancy? How did you not smell the kindergarten hell holes before!!!

The Nanny said...

Man, oh ONE kindergarten-aged nannykid is enough, I can't imagine tons of them!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Kristi said...

I found your blog though Monica's (pregnancy after a stillbirth.) I too lost a baby - stillborn at full-term. I'm thinking positive thoughts for your pregnancy.

I think I know which school you teach at, I had a friend who taught there but she was killed in a car accident a little over 4 years ago. Such an amazing woman, such a tragic loss.

I would love to talk with you more.

Monica said...

Ugghh! Hoping you and your nose can recover from this. I too smelled things no one else did. I felt like some sort of super hero.