Tuesday, October 2, 2007

At This Point, I Don't Care If I Give Birth To A Frog

As long as I can bring it home, wrap it in a blanket, and stick it in a crib, I'll take it. A frog is exactly what the baby looked like today. Frogger is still alive, measuring ahead of schedule, heart was beating away, and I am quite relieved.

After an emergency "I Have To Eat Right NOW" trip to McDonald's (big fat yuck), we arrive at Dr. B's office. The nurse took my heart rate at 110 bpm confirming my extreme fear and apprehension for just being there. We've never had good luck at Dr. B's until now. Unexpectedly, I was all emotional in the room before the sonographer walked in, and even after she gave us the good news and left. My fears were not calmed until Dr. B, in all his cocky glory, came in. Normally we do NOT deal with doctors that have a cocky presence such as his, but this time I could care less. He can be cocky all he wants as long as he gives me a real live, take home baby. So, we will return to him on the 11th for a "peace of mind" check that I requested (yeah, me!) after he originally said he would see us in 3 weeks. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but he will also see us on the 23rd for the cerclage consultation. For now, I'm keeping all my crossables crossed that Frogger makes it out alive.


Monica H said...

Are you talking about Dr. Berry. If you are I didn't realize it until you said he was cocky. And he really is. I had a consult with him a few months ago and I told my friends and family exactly what you just said. "He can be cocky all he wants as long as he gives me a baby". How wierd is that? Maybe he's just really proud of himself!?!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! I am glad that you requested an additional appointment as well. I really hope everything continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

You go! I'm so proud you asked for those additional check ups! And your little frog is adorable! Thanks for sharing.
Keepin' all of my crossables crossed, too!

Kim said...

Yay Frogger! He/she is precious!

lori said...

you, go, girl! you are the customer; it's your right to demand the care you need.

yay, frogger! go, froggy, go!

Julia said...

And good going on getting "extra" appointments.