Saturday, November 3, 2007

November Resolutions

1. Start my iPod books again.
2. Buy a prenatal yoga tape before I die from missing my beloved Body Flow class.
3. Be thankful for every second of this pregnancy.
4. Pray harder, longer, more frequently.


Kristi said...

I've been meaning to comment for a while & I never seem to find the time. A few weeks ago, you wrote about the parents who were concerned about the substitute teacher affecting the children's routines, etc... Kinda ironic that they didn't seem concerned about the life of your child - at least not that you posted about.

Meg said...

I love your resolutions.....really good to take care of yourself and stay in the present, monthly resolutions....what a great idea. Thanks for visiting my oh-so-positive blog this week.

Ann said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for talking to me last weekend. It really helped me to be prepared for the birth of my son. So many of the things you said were so true, and I've thought about you every day. I am truly hoping this pregnancy is it for you.

I will probably be posting more details about my son's birth on my blog tomorrow.

girlh said...

deeeep breath was my mantra from week 1 to week 35.5. it's the best thing you can do.

i'm miffed they have yet to come up with a pill that will knock you out, safely of course, until you hit week 36. or even one that just shuts down your brain so you can mindlessly wander through life, still working etc. but not worrying EVERY SECOND. now that's a million dollar idea in the making in my book.

until they come out with that...just know there's a texan transplant living in the big apple (who has walked down this same road) thinking about you and sending you loads of good thoughts & hoping that time will fly. i am living proof that a great dr. and that wonderful stitch work very own miracle is sleeping in her bed right now, and i'm still in awe she is here even 15 months later after her arrival.

deep breath girl. deeeeep breath. you CAN do this.

BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

My computer was wiped clean 2 months ago due to Spyware, and I have been searching for you ever since! Tammy sent me your blogspot address again and I am so happy to have it and read up on your progress! You have been on mind A LOT!!!
I am thrilled that all is well and that "frogger" is an over-achiever! He/she looks like she is right on track (the ultrasound pics looks great!) and the fact that you were sick a lot only means you have one healthy baby in there. Keep your sense of humor, rest a lot, and continue with your gratitude. I think that is a HUGE inspiration to others considering all that you have been through. It is definitely inspiring to me. Blessings on you, your hubby, your babies in Heaven, and your new little one. I am praying for you all and filled with happiness for you!!!!
With love-