Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Bad vs. Good of Today

Bad: This morning started with nausea. Yes, thank you third trimester.

Good: My nausea allowed me to eat a little bit for breakfast and a pretty big lunch.

Bad: While blow drying my curly hair straight, my beloved Chi hair dryer exploded. I do not write explosion lightly.

Good: I've been needing a new hair dryer and now I have no choice but to get one.

Bad: My belly button hurts and is sticking out profusely.

Good: We all had a good laugh when one of the kids said (pointing to my belly button), "I think I see the baby's toe sticking out right there."

Bad: In a nauseated blur, I waited for 2 hours and 15 minutes for my dr. to see me for my 30 week appt.

Good: Everything looks great.

Bad: My Babe saw a turtle trying to cross Hwy 620, a very busy road by our house, and witnessed cars driving over him.

Good: My Babe got out of his truck, rescued him from danger, drove to Brushy Creek and let him go. That's just the way he is.

Bad: On the way home tonight, police were trying to convince a man to come back over the bridge that he was threatening to jump off.

Good: I was reminded of the blessings in my life and took time to pray for his safety and soul.

Bad: My Babe worked overtime today at the fire station.

Good: He is actually getting to come home tonight rather than spend the night at the station. And that makes up for all the bad in the world tonight.


mbc said...

Yeah Good wins! Love you lady!!

Sunny said...

What a great post!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that about your babe rescuing that turtle. One time, a friend of mine and I were out and about. We were at the light and about to turn onto Parmer from 620. Then, she noticed the turtle who was trying to cross the access road. Since I was driving, my friend asked if she could get out and rescue it. I thought she was crazy to do this at a busy intersection, but how could I say "no"!

What a sweetheart! I'll never forget her for her kindness like that.

Happy 30th! So glad everything looks good!


lori said...

i think we need a post specifically about the hair dryer :-) that sounds like it has potential to be a pretty funny story.

congrats on the great 30-week appt, happy hair dryer shopping, and bless your babe for saving that turtle!

signed, a longish-time reader who now feels like a stalker b/c she just realized that we live very close to one another!

Kristi said...

how wonderful of your Babe to save the turtle on 620!!