Friday, June 8, 2007

Hurdle One...Check.

So, I successfully jumped hurdle one without face planting. Dr. V. reports that there is no more scar tissue(!) and that everything looks great. At one point he thought he saw polyps on our scan, which would completely not surprise me, but after checking with a radiologist, he is confident everything is fine.

Now for hurdle two. We will go in on Monday to check for mature follicles. Clomid better have done its thing because this time I'm not playing around.

Prayers for today are as follows:

*Melissa will make it through a 48 hour shift without My Babe and will not shed one tear.
*Follicles are maturing like a beast inside of me.
*Melissa will remain productive, calm and rational in the wake of the hellish Clomid.

1 comment:

sophia said...

Ah! That's good news! No more scar tissue and no polyps. Yep, I'm praying for those mature follicles with you and for your peace of mind. Thanks for keeping us posted!